Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Prisoner info for Ali-Akbar Mohammadzadeh updated

The record for Ali-Akbar Mohammadzadeh was updated.

Status: Sentenced After Appeal
Prison: Evin
Member of the Islamic Association of Sharif University 15 Feb 2011: Arrested and sent to Evin 22 Apr 2011: Transferred to 209 and 1st visit with family 01 May 2011: Transferred to 350 12 Sep 2011: Sentenced to 6 years prison http://t.co/CQIqtsi 13 Oct 2011: Back to Evin after medical furlough 02 Nov 2011: Sentence confirmed by Appeals http://www.hra-news.org/1389-01-27-05-26-23/10297-1.html 18 Mar 2012: Released on 5 days furlough for Norooz http://t.co/SDWcA8gW 27 Mar 2012: Back to Evin 15 Aug 2012: Remaining sentence reduced by half for Eid clemency http://www.kaleme.com/1391/05/26/klm-110066/

Sentence: 6 years (reduced to 45 months)

Location/Home Town: 
Faith or Ethnicity: 
Occupation or Activity: Student, Student Activist

Iran Prisoner List: http://hyperactivist.info/ipr.html