Monday, 27 May 2013

Prisoner info for Ashkan Zahebian updated

The record for Ashkan Zahebian was updated.

Status: Arrested
Prison: Unknown
Student and member of the OCU - Member of the modern faction of the islamic student association 19 Jun 2009: Brutally arrested (was in coma for 3 days) and sent to Intel in Sari then to Babol Mati Kala July 2009: Released on bail Sept 2009: Suspended from studies for 2 semesters 1 Nov 2009 Arrested 2 Nov 2009: Sentenced to 6 months prison and definitely expelled from University Released on bail 12 May 2010: Waiting for appeals 15 Dec 2010: Summoned to prison to serve his sentence Sentenced to 6 months 1 May 2011: Sent to prison to serve his sentence 11 May 2011: Being held in solitary since admission to Sari prison 30 Aug 2011: Begins a hunger strike to protest conditions 22 Sep 2011: Released after 5 months 27 May 2013: Arrested in his father's house in Babol

Sentence: 6 months

Location/Home Town: Marivan
Faith or Ethnicity: 
Occupation or Activity: Student, Student Activist

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