Friday, 31 May 2013

Prisoner info for Kaveh Taheri updated

The record for Kaveh Taheri was updated.

Status: Sentenced
Prison: Adel Abad (Shiraz)
Retail clothing worker, born 1982. Named in the closing credits for the 2012 film "The Iran Job". Blogger: and . 23 Sep 2012: Arrested at his work place and sent to Pelak 100. Home searched and notebooks, computer hard drives confiscated, along with EuroNews press ID card, which Kaveh admits owning but denies having used. 19 Dec 2012: Sent to Shiraz Adel Abad prison, where he was initially housed with the criminal prison population before being moved to a different ward, presumably for political prisoners. 07 Feb 2013: Visited in prison by parents. 21 Feb 2013: Sister Laleh Taheri confirms he is still detained without trial 23 Apr 2013: Trial scheduled on April 22nd postponed to Apr 29th 31 May 2013: Sentenced to 3 years in prison + 50 million tomans bail

Sentence: 3 years + 50 million toman

Location/Home Town: Shiraz
Faith or Ethnicity: 
Occupation or Activity: Blogger

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