Monday, 24 June 2013

Prisoner info for Ahmad-Reza Ahmadpour (Seyyed) updated

The record for Ahmad-Reza Ahmadpour (Seyyed) was updated.

Status: Freed
Prison: n/a
Founding member of Participation Front in Qom, war veteran, Khatami campaign worker in 1997. Blog: Pezhvak-e- Khamoosh. Defrocked for life 06 Apr 2010: Tried and convicted by a special clerical court in Qom to 1 year 18 Apr 2010: Begins serving sentence in Langrooud prison 10 Jul 2010: Begins hunger strike 25 Jul 2010: Changes to dry hunger strike 01 Sept 2010: Banned from prison leave for an article dated 02 Aug he denies having written Beg 2011: Freed at the end of his sentence 20 Jul 2011: Arrested in Qom 08 Aug 2011: Contacted his family, he is in Qom prison 27 Sep 2011: Sentenced to 3yrs prison plus 10 years in exile. Source: 31 Oct 2011: Sentence upheld by appeal court. 27 Nov 2011: Begins serving his sentence in Ahvaz 29 Nov 2011: Told verbally that his sentence is increased to 5 years. Source: 13 Mar 2012: Begins hunger strike to protest conditions in Iranian prisons 23 Mar 2012: Reported banned from visits and phone calls 17 May 2012: Stops hunger strike after being granted furlough 17 Aug 2012: Reported released on furlough for 2 weeks 08 Sep 2012: Transferred to Yazd prison 10 Oct 2012: Begins a hunger strike 23 Nov 2012: Reported released on a 1 week furlough 30 Nov 2012: Transferred to KhoramAbad prison after his home was illegally searched 03 Dec 2012: Begins q hunger strike 18 Dec 2012: Reportedly broke his hungerstrike and is released on furlough 21 Dec 2012: Transferred to hospital in critical condition 02 Feb 2013: Transferred to hospital again beacuse of medicine given in prison 08 Feb 2013: Discharged from hospital 19 Mar 2013: Released on furlough for Norooz clemency 23 Jun 2013: Freed at the end of his sentence

Sentence: 3-5 years + 10 yrs exile + defrocked

Location/Home Town: Khuzestan
Faith or Ethnicity: Muslim
Occupation or Activity: Blogger, Political activist, Cleric, Religious Activist

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