Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Prisoner info for Ahmad Shah-Rezaei updated

The record for Ahmad Shah-Rezaei was updated.

Status: Sentenced
Prison: Evin
29-year-old undergrad student of architecture - 12 June 2010: Arrested - Held for 10 days in ward 2A & afterwards for 74 days in solitary ward 240. Lost hearing in his right ear after torture during detention. Then moved to 350. Previous sentence of 2.5 yrs prison reduced to 1.5 years. 15 Apr 2011: Sentence reduced from 3 years by Appeal court to 18 months imprisonment So far, no visit allowed 10 May 2011: In Evin 350 5 Jun 2011: Began hunger strike supposed to end 12 June, continued to protest Hoda Saber murder 13 Jun 2011: Signed a statement after Hoda Saber death 15 Aug 2011: Banned from visits 05 Dec 2011: Reported freed after serving his sentence 23 Oct 12: Arrested and sent to Evin 209 10 Nov 12: Released on bail 12 Nov 2012: Reported summoned to court, arrested and sent to Evin

Sentence: 1.5 years

Location/Home Town: Tehran
Faith or Ethnicity: 
Occupation or Activity: Student, Student Activist

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