Monday, 3 June 2013

Prisoner info for Farzad Eslami updated

The record for Farzad Eslami was updated.

Status: Arrested
Prison: n/a
Secretary of the Muslim Student Association - Editor in Chief of banned publication Binesh - Suspended for 3 semesters 3 Nov 2009: Arrested and sent to Evin 240 18 Nov 2009: released on bail 6 Jul 2010: Sentenced to 1 year suspended for 3 years ( 5 Dec 2010: Arrested and transferred to Evin 2A 20 Dec 2010: Reports of severe pressure and beatings in solitary confinement to accept false charges 9 Jan 2011: Still no contact with family 12 Jan 2011: Released on bail 17 Dec 2011: Sentenced to 1 year in prison on additional charges. Source: 01 Jun 2013: Arrested during a meeting of Rohani campaign

Sentence: 1 year + 1year suspended for 3 years

Location/Home Town: Tehran
Faith or Ethnicity: 
Occupation or Activity: Student, Journalist, Student Activist

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