Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Prisoner info for Foad Sadeghi updated

The record for Foad Sadeghi was updated.

Status: Released on Bail
Prison: n/a
Chief editor Ayandeh News website - Editor in chief of Baztab 11 Feb 2010: Arrested 1 Mar 2010: Released 31 Jul 2011: Reported as arrested. Source: http://www.rahana.org/archives/42963 03 Aug 2011: Reported released after several days. Source: http://ayandenews.com/news/33932/ 19 May 2013: Arrested http://www.iran-emrooz.net/index.php/news2/45627/ 18 Jun 2013: Released http://is.gd/uvdNz0


Location/Home Town: 
Faith or Ethnicity: 
Occupation or Activity: Journalist

Iran Prisoner List: http://hyperactivist.info/ipr.html