Sunday, 23 June 2013

Prisoner info for Nasrin Sotoudeh updated

The record for Nasrin Sotoudeh was updated.

Status: Temp/Medical leave
Prison: n/a
Lawyer, Child Rights and Human Rights defense attorney. 2 Sep 2010: Arrested 25 Sep 2010: Begins hunger strike 27 Oct 2010: Breaks hunger strike after allowed a visit with her sister 06 Nov 2010: Begins a dry hunger strike 14 Nov 2010: Charged with "acting against national security", "propaganda" and "membership in Defenders of Human Rights group" Held in solitary without access to lawyer, denied family visits. 05 Dec 2010: Bail denied, begins dry hunger strike Allowed weekly phone calls. 20 Dec 2010: Ended hunger strike 9 Jan 2011: Sentenced to 11 years prison and a 20 year ban on practising law and 20 year ban on leaving the country 2 Feb 2011: Trial for absence of hijab postponed; Nasrin refused to attend in protest 20 Feb 2011: Denied visits and phone calls 10 Apr 2011: Awarded PEN prize 18 Apr 2011: Will not appeal sentence - Fined usd50 for appearing on a video without hedjab 30 Apr 2011: Transferred to Methadone ward 14 Sep 2011: Sentence reduced by Appeals to 6 years + 10 years ban on practising law 22 Oct 2011: Receives international Pen award from Canada 25 Feb 2012: Denied her visits rights with her children, again, for hejab issue 16 Oct 2012: Begins hunger strike to protest violations of her legal rights 22 Oct 2012: Transferred to prison hospital 26 Oct 2012: Jointly awarded EU Sakharov prize with Jafar Panahi 01 Nov 2012: Signs letter of protest 03 Nov 2012: Transferred to Evin 290 without her personal belongings 19 Nov 2012: Back to general ward 04 Dec 2012: Ban on leaving the country for her 12 years old daughter removed, she stops her hunger strike 20 Dec 2012: Her mother dies - She is not allowed to visit her for the last farewell 17 Jan 2013: Granted a 3 days furlouth against 300 million toman bail 20 Jan 2013: Back to Evin 19 Mar 2013: Reported releasedon furlough 26 Mar 2013: Back to Evin 14 Apr 2013: Elected to Executive Board of the International Society for Human Rights (ISHR) 12 May 2013: Shirin Ebadi receives the Golden Lily of Florence on behalf of Nasrin 13 Jun 2013: Given honorary degree by York University. Karim Lahiji, FIDH president, accepts it on her behalf 23 Jun 2013: Reports of temporary release from Evin on furlough

Sentence: 6 years + 10 years ban

Location/Home Town: Tehran
Faith or Ethnicity: Muslim
Occupation or Activity: Lawyer, Human Rights Activist, Women's Rights Activist

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