Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Update: Saeed Abedini Sentenced After Appeal

The record for Saeed Abedini was updated.

Status: Sentenced After Appeal
Prison: Evin
US national and Christian convert Aug 2012: Arrested during a trip to see family 27 Jan 2013: Sentenced to 8 years in prison http://t.co/15iL3b1G 09 Apr 2013: Listed as Evin 350 inmate http://t.co/ggSGe0FOne 28 Apr 2013: Banned from visit and transfered to 240 solitary after protesting warden's request of dismisal of political prisoners' representative http://is.gd/HIvFku 07 May 2013: Began hunger strike to protest solitary detention http://t.co/PnjQzUASq1 08 May 2013: Stops hunger strike after return to 350 http://t.co/NikX9bBWLr 10 May 2013: Reported returned to 240 solitary after outpatient treatment for stomach bleeding at Modarres Hospital, Tehran http://www.hra-news.net/1389-01-27-05-27-21/15514-1.html 26 Aug 2013: Sentence confirmed by Appeals http://is.gd/D2jnSA

Sentence: 8 years

Location/Home Town: 
Faith or Ethnicity: Christian
Occupation or Activity: Religious Activist

Iran Prisoner List: http://hyperactivist.info/ipr.html