Saturday, 28 September 2013

Update: Arash Mohammadi Sentenced After Appeal

The record for Arash Mohammadi was updated.

Status: Sentenced After Appeal
Prison: Tabriz
Student in industrial management at Peyam e Noor Uni. in Tabriz 01 Nov 2011: Arrested 17 Nov 11: Transferred to Tabriz prison Released on bail and sentenced to 1 year 15 Sep 2012: Arrested when going to court to follow up his case and sent to Tabriz prison to serve his sentence 12 Jan 2013: Freedon parole 15 Jun 2013: Arrested during election celebration in Tabriz - Severly beaten during arrest 17 Jun 2013: Begins hunger strike 24 Jun 2013: Transferred to solitary 28 Jun 2013: Stops hunger strike and is transferred to general ward 10 Jul 2013: Trial 20 Jul 2013: Sentenced to 6 months in prison 26 Sep 2013: Sentence upheld by Appeals

Sentence: 1 year + 6 months

Location/Home Town: Tabriz
Faith or Ethnicity: Azeri
Occupation or Activity: Student, Student Activist

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