Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Update: Hossein Ronaghi-Maleki Sentenced After Appeal

The record for Hossein Ronaghi-Maleki was updated.

Status: Sentenced After Appeal
Prison: Evin
Born 1986. Well-known blogger, IT enthusiast and strong advocate against cyber censorship. Computer student 13 Dec 2009: Arrested with his elder brother Hasan and sent to Evin 2-A (IRGC) Transferred to general ward of Evin prison after one year in solitary confinement 21 May 2010: Starts hunger strike 24 May 2010: placed in solitary 29 May 2010: Ends hunger strike 30 May 2010: 3rd visit 15 Jul 2010: Begins hunger strike 22 Jul 2010: Stops hunger strike 27 Jul 2010: Banned from phone calls 29 Aug 2010: Temporary detention extended once more despite $300,000 bail posted 03 Oct 2010: Received announcement of the verdict of 15 years prison - Trial was held without lawyer 05 Oct 2010: Begins hunger strike to protest verdict 05 Dec 2010: Sentence upheld by Appeals 20 Dec 2010: Transferred to Evin 350 21 Dec 2010: 1st visit of family 27 Jan 2011: In serious need of medical attention, possible surgery. 14 Feb 2011: Meets his family 20 Apr 2011: Transferred to hospital in Tehran with hand & leg cuffs for a kidney transplant. 27 Apr 2011: Prison authorities want to send him back to prison solitary against doctors advise; he begins a hunger strike to protest. 09 May 2011: Back to Evin 10 Jun 2011: Allowed out of Evin prison for surgery. Leave granted until 18 Jun 2011. Returned to prison 07 Jul 2011: Unwell again. 16 Aug 2011: Severely beaten by guards after a visit by family 23 Aug 2011: Back to hospital from Evin prison. Source: 24 Oct 2011: Transferred to hospital after several days when he refused to take his medicines to obtain proper medical care 31 Oct 2011: Back in Evin after undertaking kidney surgery 03 Dec 2011: Transferred to hospital outside Evin. 10 Dec 2011: Begins hunger strike to protest denial of medical furlough 17 Dec 2011: Stops his hunger strike after his inmates in Evin 350 threatened 19 Jan 2012: Transferred to Hasheminejad hospital to undergo 5th surgery 22 Jan 2012: Prosecuted for new case 24 Jan 2012: Returned to Evin prison from hospital. Source: 09 Apr 2012: Taken to hospital due to deteriorating health. - Despite recommendation by physicians for Ronaghi to under go surgery, he and family did not agree with the surgery, they cited denial of medical furlough after surgery reason for not agreeing with surgery. Taken back to Evin prison despite his dire & deterioating health 26 May 2012: Begins hunger strike 02 Jun 2012: Transferred to Hasheminejad hospital and back to Evin 350 3 hours later 04 Jun 2012: Sepah stormed his hospital room, threatened his family, removed his visitation rights and transferred him to another room. To protest, he begins a dry hunger strike. 07 Jun 2012: He stops dry hunger strike 11 Jun 2012: Stops hunger strike - Transferred to Hospital and undertakes surgery 20 Jun 2012: Reported back in Evin 01 Jul 2012: Released on bail on medical furlough 18 Jul 2012: Furlough reported extended until Aug 1st 04 Aug 2012: Furlough extended until Aug. 20 22 Aug 2012: Arrested when helping earthquake victims and sent to Tabriz Intel Immediately begins hunger strike and is transferred to Tabriz prison ward 1 03 Sep 2012: Gets internal bleeding in his kidneys after beatings and hunger strike 14 Sep 2012: Transferred to Tabriz prison quarantine in preparation for transfer to Evin 21 Sep 2012: Reported transferred to Evin 21 Oct 2012: Reported taken to hospital in dire condition but not admitted & returned to Evin - same operation repeated 3 times in a week 03 Nov 2012: Begins a hunger strike 06 Nov 2012: Released on medical furlough - Ends hunger strike 14 Jan 2013: Sentenced to 2 additional years because of his help to earthquake victims 27 Apr 2013: Undergoes 6th surgical operation 20 May 2013: Sentence to 5 extra months for refusing to obey police (related to earthquake aid camp) 21 May 2013: Back to Evin 16 Jul 2013: Signs a letter to protest transfer of Dr. Nazeri to Zabol on a stretcher 09 Aug 2013: Launches hunger strike to protest prisons' condition 24 Aug 2013: Spends 3 hours in a hospital then back to Evin 28 Aug 2013: Transferred to hospital 01 Sep 2013: Returned to prison. 02 Sep 2013 Sent back to hospital briefly, IRGC ordered him returned to prison. AKA Babak Khorramdin

Sentence: 15 years + 2 years + 5 months

Location/Home Town: Malekan (Tabriz)
Faith or Ethnicity: Azeri
Occupation or Activity: Student, Blogger, Human Rights Activist, Student Activist

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