Thursday, 19 September 2013

Update: Majid Dori Sentenced After Appeal

The record for Majid Dori was updated.

Status: Sentenced After Appeal
Prison: Ahvaz (Karoun)
Expelled student - member of the Right to Education Council 21 Jun 2009: Violently arrested in his home 8 Jul 2009: Arrested Prolonged detention in solitary with physical and mental torture. On hunger strike for some time. Sentenced to 11 years prison, 5 to be spent in exile. 20 May 2010: Sentence reduced to 6 years on appeal. Exile upheld. 25 Jul 2010: Begins hunger strike 26 Jul 2010: Transferred to Evin 240 solitary 10 Aug 2010: Ends hunger strike Elderly parents find it very difficult to visit. 17 Oct 2010: Exiled in Behbahan he changed wards 07 Dec 2010: He changed wards suffering eye problems, refused to go to the doctor in shackles 31 Jan 2011: Parents summoned by Intel, threatened & warned not to talk to press 16 Apr 2011: Tehran prosecutor announces that he will not benefit from any furlough 07 Jul 2011: Expelled from university while in prison. 23 Aug 2011: Reports of deteriorating health but requested leave denied 31 Jul 2013: Transferred to Karoun prison in Ahvaz 28 Aug 2013: Granted first period of temporary leave in 4 years 14 Sep 2013: Back to Ahvaz prison

Sentence: 6 years

Location/Home Town: Tehran
Faith or Ethnicity: 
Occupation or Activity: Student Activist

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