Saturday, 5 October 2013

Update: Amir Chamani Freed

The record for Amir Chamani was updated.

Status: Freed
Prison: n/a
MA Student in Sociology in Azad University in Tabriz Arrested and released on 50 million toman bail 15 Jul 2012: Sentenced to 6 months of prison on charge of insulting the leader and the establisher of the Islamic Republic, 91 days of prison on charge of propaganda against the government and 40 lashes on the charge of insulting the president 13 Jan 2013: Arrested at home - Sent to Tabriz Intel - Sentence of 40 lashes applied 23 Jan 2013: Transferred to Tabriz prison 15 Apr 2013: Released on furlough 19 Apr 2013: Back to Tabriz prison 22 Aug 2013: Released on 5 days furlough 27 Aug 2013:; Back to prison at the end of furlough 03 Oct 2013: Freed

Sentence: 9 months + 40 lashes

Location/Home Town: Tabriz
Faith or Ethnicity: Azeri
Occupation or Activity: Student, Student Activist

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