Saturday, 4 January 2014

Update: Mohsen Barzegar Sentenced After Appeal

The record for Mohsen Barzegar was updated.

Status: Sentenced After Appeal
Prison: Mati-Kala (Babol)
Former cultural secretary of the Islamic Association of Students of Nooshiravani University of Babol - Member of Karroubi's campaign - Member of Daftar-e Tahkim-e Vahdat 18 Jun 2009: Arrested Sentenced to 10 months prison and 1 year suspended sentence 10 Mar 2010: Begins serving sentence in Mati-Kala among common law detainees 21 Mar 2010: Taken to hospital after attacked by inmate Jun 2010: Conditionally released after serving half his sentence 07 Nov 2010: Arrested after summon to Mati Kala 08 Dec 10 Released on bail 14 Feb 2011: Arrested when leaving the Uni. - Arrested 4 times since Jun 2009 23 Jun 2011: Sentence suspended for 2 years 02 Jun 2013: Begins serving his sentence at Babol prison 21 Dec 2013: Arrested in Babol

Sentence: 10 months suspended/2years

Location/Home Town: Babol
Faith or Ethnicity: 
Occupation or Activity: Student, Political activist, Student Activist

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