Monday, 17 February 2014

Update: Vafa Ghaderi Freed

The record for Vafa Ghaderi was updated.

Status: Freed
Prison: n/a
Member of organisation to establish Workers' Union 01 May 2011: Arrested in Sanandaj 11 May 2011: Released under 50 millions tomans bail 01 Aug 2011: Sentenced to monetary fine 16 Jun 2012: Arrested in Karaj and sent to Rejaei Shahr Assumed released on bail 07 Mar 2013: Arrested for planning a meeting on International Women's day 08 Apr 2013: Released on 50 million toman bail 05 Jul 2013: Sentenced to 1 year in prison 17 Oct 2013: Sentenced to 5 months in prison 17 Feb 2014: Freed at the end of his sentence

Sentence: Monetary fine + 1year + 5 months

Location/Home Town: Sanandaj
Faith or Ethnicity: Kurd
Occupation or Activity: Workers Rights Activist

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