Saturday, 8 March 2014

Update: Abbas Lisani Released on Bail

The record for Abbas Lisani was updated.

Status: Released on Bail
Prison: n/a
Azeri minority and civil rights advocate. 2007: Arrested during protests and sentenced to 18 months and 74 lashes - Released after serving his sentence 25 May 2011: Arrested during Naghadeh memorial and sent to "9 Pelleh" prison in Urmia 27 Aug 2011: Arrested at his office with many other people who were mostly released hours after 11 Sep 2011: On hunger strike in Ardebil Intel Released on an unknown date 27 Sept 2012: Arrested during a memorial in Khoy 12 May 2013: Reported as detained in exile, location not specified. Supposed released on bail 21 Feb 2014: Arrested on Mother Tongue Day in Akbar Abolzadeh's house 06 Mar 2014: Released on bail from Ahar prison ]


Location/Home Town: Ardebil
Faith or Ethnicity: Azeri
Occupation or Activity: Political activist, Human Rights Activist, Civic Activist

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