Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Update: Ahmad Zeidabadi Released (Suspended Sentence)

The record for Ahmad Zeidabadi was updated.

Status: Released (Suspended Sentence)
Prison: Rejaei Shahr (Gohardasht)
Freelance journalist. General secretary of Advar organization. 13 June 2009: Arrested 08 Aug 2009: Forced to appear in show trial Bail set at 260,000 Euros Oct 2009: Moved to ward 350 after 143 days in solitary confinement Sentenced to 6 years imprisonment, 5 years in exile and lifelong deprivation of social and political activities 31 Jan 2010: Transferred to Rejaei Shahr in general ward 3 with civil criminals 24 Jan 2011: Transferred to Ward 4 Hall 12 (security ward located in a basement) 07 Apr 2011: winner of "World Press Freedom Prize" given by UNESCO 04 Aug 2011: Released from Rejaei Shahr prison on 2 day's temporary leave 06 Aug 2011: Summoned to return to Rejaei Shahr after 2 day's leave. 07 Aug 2011: Some confusion about being granted additional leave. Friends say it was only one extra day, to allow for the long journey to and from prison. 22 Jan 2013: Reported on furlough on bail 14 Feb 2012: Listed as Rejaei Shahr inmate - 27 Mar 2012: Released on bail 02 Apr 2012: Back to Rejaei Shahr 31 Jul 2012: Released on furlough 07 Aug 2012: Back to Rejaei Shahr 19 Nov 2012: Transferred to hopital 04 Dec 2012: Furlough not extended, he is back in Rejaei Shahr 22 Jan 2013: Released on furlough 18 May 2013: Back to prison 18 Aug 2013: Released on furlough 11 Sep 2013: Back to prison 19 Jan 2014: Back to prison at the end of furlough 25 Mar 2014: Released on furlough

Sentence: 6 years

Location/Home Town: Tehran
Faith or Ethnicity: 
Occupation or Activity: Journalist, Political activist

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