Sunday, 18 May 2014

Update: Abdol-Ghafour Ghalandari Sentenced

The record for Abdol-Ghafour Ghalandari was updated.

Status: Sentenced
Prison: n/a
Member of Gonabadi dervishes 06 Aug 2012: Arrested in Bandar Abbas and immediately transferred to Tehran 12 Aug 2012: Refused to pay for 50 million toman bail since being a Sufi is not a penal crime, he is finally freed 20 Apr 2013: Arrested at home 25 Apr 2013: Transferred to Bandar Abbas prison - Bail set at 130 million toman 29 Apr 2013: Freed despite refusing to post the bail Assumed arrested again 13 Mar 2014: Transferred to Ershad ward in Bandar Abbas prison 15 Mar 2014: Ends hunger strike 18 May 2014: Sentenced to 2 years in prison

Sentence: 2 years

Location/Home Town: Bandar Abbas
Faith or Ethnicity: Sufi
Occupation or Activity: 

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