Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Update: Mashallah Haeri Temp/Medical leave

The record for Mashallah Haeri was updated.

Status: Temp/Medical leave
Prison: Rejaei Shahr (Gohardasht)
58 year old former political prisoner of the 1980s. Suffers from heart and respiratory problems; 2 heart attacks. aka حمیدحائری / Hamid Haeri 06 Dec 2009: Arrested at home by Intel. spends 74 days in solitary 209 then moved to 350 27 May 2010: Begins hunger strike to protest his new transfer to solitary 03 Jun 2010: Sentenced to 15 years prison in Karaj's Rajai-Shahr Prison for visiting his son in Ashraf 04 Aug 2011: Transferred from Ward 4 to hospital 14 Feb 2012: Listed as Rejaei Shahr inmate http://www.chrr.biz/spip.php?article17204 02 May 2012: Transferred to hospital from Rejaei Shahr http://hra-news.org/1389-01-27-05-27-21/12097-1.html 31 Dec 2012: Hospitalized w/ heart respiratory problems due to wrong medicine http://t.co/BesovEpf 09 Apr 2013: Listed as Evin 350 inmate http://t.co/ggSGe0FOne 27 Jul 2013: Transferred to Rejaei Shahr is.gd/ZK28J7 06 Sep 2013: Released on furlough //is.gd/AFZy8K 10 Nov 2013: Released on furlough http://is.gd/nEKz2Z 16 Jan 2014: Transferred to hospital again j.mp/Le3Ra0 21 Jan 2014: Had a heart attack and is transferred to Day hospital http://j.mp/1dcuSk5 Back to Rejaei Shahr 03 Jun 2014: Fells in coma, back to hospital http://j.mp/U9E0UY 20 Oct 14: Hospitalized again http://j.mp/1rnHNGJ 21 Oct 14: Back to Rejaei Shahr http://j.mp/1tGMaEd 25 Nov 14: Transferred to hospital http://j.mp/1trOGId

Sentence: 15 years

Location/Home Town: 
Faith or Ethnicity: 
Occupation or Activity: Political activist

Iran Prisoner List: http://hyperactivist.info/ipr.html