Thursday, 27 November 2014

Update: Soheil Babadei Sentenced

The record for Soheil Babadei was updated.

Status: Sentenced
Prison: Rejaei Shahr (Gohardasht)
Born Sep.78 - graduate of computer engineering 22 May 2012: Arrested in a language school by intelligence because he posted an item on Facebook of 10 jokes making fun of religion and religious figures. Transferred to Evin 2A beaten and interrogated for 24 hours before being charged by the prosecutor with insulting the Prophet, Muslim blasphemy, gathering, insulting the supreme leader, propaganda against the regime and membership in groups acting against national security. Accused of collaborating with the BBC because two members of BBC Persian were among the network of friends he had on Facebook. Jan 13: Transferred to Evin 350 09 Apr 2013: Listed as Evin 350 inmate 06 Sep 2013: Letter published claiming to be from detainee, still in Evin. Has spent 225 days of solitary confinement in 2A detention. Wife and family were not notified of whereabouts when informed, 20 days after arrest, of his detention. 25 Nov 2013: Transferred to solitary because he filed a complaint against the judge 17 Apr 2014: Had arms and neck bruised during raid against ward 350; transferred to solitary ward 240 02 Oct 14: Transferred to Rejaei Shahr 3 Sentenced to 5 years imprisonment and 74 lashes for the charge of "Blasphemy", 6 months imprisonment and prohibition from leaving the country and 2 years exile to "Beshagard" at Bandar-e-Abbas on the charge of insulting the President Nov. 13: New sentence of 1 year "Propaganda against state"

Sentence: 7.5 years in prison52 of them in exile) + 74 lashes + 1 year

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Occupation or Activity: Unknown

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