Sunday, 14 December 2014

Update: Mostafa Tajzadeh (Seyyed) Sentenced After Appeal

The record for Mostafa Tajzadeh (Seyyed) was updated.

Status: Sentenced After Appeal
Prison: Evin
Member of the  Mojahedin  of the Islamic Revolutionary Political Organization, member of the Iran Islamic Participation Front- deputy of the Interior Ministry during Khatami's presidency 13 Jun 2009: Arrested 25 Jun 2009: Detained under torture in Evin 209 08 Dec 2010: Banned from visits Tried by branch 15 of Rev. courts for "assembly and collusion against national security, and propagation activities against the regime,"refused appeal 6 years prison + 10 years ban of activities 10 Mar 2010: Granted temporary leave from Evin prison 18 Apr 2010: Hospitalized with back problems 15 Aug 2010: Called back to Evin prison 08 Dec 2010: Denied visits from family for some weeks. 15 Feb 2011: Transferred to unknown location 2009: 7 22 Feb 2011: Visit with his daughter: Fasting day long since he is in quarantine; request his family not to ask visits or furlough since he does not recognize legality of process - didn't know of his wife's arrest 27 May 2011: Finally hospitalized after many requests 28 May 2011: Back to Evin 15 Jun 2011: Granted 3 days furlough 20 Jun 2011: Back in Evin 27 Jul 2011: Transferred to methadone ward among criminals 30 Aug 2011: Released on 3 days temporary leave from Evin 18 Mar 2012: Released on 5 days furlough for Norooz 21 Mar 2012: Reported back to Evin 28 Jun 2012: Taken to hospital for hemorrhage in one eye, the back to Evin solitaty, against doctors' advice 13 Nov 2012: On 3 days furlough 18 Nov 2012: Back to Evin 04 Jan 2013: Transferred to Farabi hospital for a few hours then back to Evin 13 Feb 2013: Transferred again to hospital 25 Nov 14: Released for 3 days in furlough 30 Nov 14: Back to Evin

Sentence: 6 years

Location/Home Town: Tehran
Faith or Ethnicity: Muslim
Occupation or Activity: Political activist

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