Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Update: Mahdieh Golroo Released on Bail

The record for Mahdieh Golroo was updated.

Status: Released on Bail
Prison: n/a
2 Nov 2009: Arrested with husband Bail of 5million Tomans set, but family unable to pay Denied leave, visits, medical care, access to medicines from family 28 month sentence reduced to 2 yrs on appeal, but then previous 1 year suspended sentence applied to run concurrently. 30 Mar 2010: Visit after 5 weeks ban 03 Apr 2010: Begin of trial without notice and without lawyer 08 Apr 2010: Back to 209 for interrogations 11 Apr 2010: Agreement to release her on $700,000 bail but family can't afford 25 Jul 2010: Sentence upheld by Appeals court 19 Dec 2010: Started hunger strike in protest at conditions (held in drug addicts ward, in need of medical treatment) with Bahareh Hedaya.t Source: 28 Dec 2010: Ends hunger strike 04 Jan 2011: Visit with husband 18 Jan 2011: Banned from visits, again 19 Jan 2011: Moved to general ward 03 Feb 2011: Summoned to court without lawyer presence because of her statements 17 Mar 2011: Met with husband in lawyer's office at Evin 29 Mar 2011: New visit ban 09 Apr 2011: Transferred to solitary again 16 Apr 2011: Back to Methadone ward 21 Apr 2011: Allowed visit with family 29 Apr 2011: Taken to court in presence of her lawyer to face new charges because of a letter written while in prison. 2 May 2011: Sentenced to additional 6 months 16 Jul 2011: Released on 700 million Toman bail for temporary leave from Evin prison 24 Jul 2011: Returned to Evin prison 01 Nov 2011: Appeals confirms 6 additional months in jail 01 Dec 2011: Is in Evin common ward 19 May 2012: Freed at the end of her sentence 30 Oct 2012: Reported arrested during attack against Pen Society and released after a day 26 Oct 14: Arrested after taking part in protest to support acid victims 01 Nov 14: Transferred to solitary in Evin 27 Dec 14: Detention order extended 27 Jan 15: Released on bail

Sentence: 3.5 yrs

Location/Home Town: Tehran
Faith or Ethnicity: Muslim
Occupation or Activity: Student Activist

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