Monday, 30 March 2015

Update: Ali Afshari Executed

The record for Ali Afshari was updated.

Status: Executed
Prison: n/a
12 or 14 Dec 2010: Arrested in Bokan Shot during arrest Moved to Intel. Min. detention where he was kept in solitary for 40 days. Paralysed in both hands as a result of shooting. Accused of cooperating with a Kurdish party. He is charged with "Enmity against God" and "Corruption on Earth". 15 Apr 2011: Taken back to Urmia prison after a stay in hospital 15 Aug 2011: Trial 16 Jan 2012: Sentenced to death 19 Jan 2012: Transferred to clinic inside Urmia prison 29 Oct 2012: Sentence confirmed by Supreme Court 03 May 2014: On hunger strike in Urmia prison, transferred to solitary 09 Dec 14: On hunger strike again 20 Feb 15: Executed in Urmia prison

Sentence: Execution

Location/Home Town: Bokan
Faith or Ethnicity: Kurd
Occupation or Activity: Civic Activist

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