Monday, 20 April 2015

Update: Alireza Farshi-Yakaneli Released on Bail

The record for Alireza Farshi-Yakaneli was updated.

Status: Released on Bail
Prison: n/a
Former student activist in University of Tehran and Sharif University of Technology - lecturer at Islamic Azad University, Jolfa branch. Dismissed from his post after arrest. 22 May 2009: Arrested in El Goli Park - Tabriz and sent to Tabriz prison for 3 months 2 Aug 2009: Released on bail 14 Nov 2009: Sentenced to 1 year 20 Jun 2010: Sentenced reduced on Appeals to 6 months 13 May 2011: Arrested at work 2 Jun 2011: Moved to Tabriz prison Assumed released 21 Feb 2014: Arrested in Tehran 06 May 2014: Released on furlough on 100 million toman bail 21 Feb 15: Arrested when requesting permission to celebrate Mother's Tongue Day 19 Apr 15: Released on bail

Sentence: 6 months

Location/Home Town: Tabriz
Faith or Ethnicity: Azeri
Occupation or Activity: Political activist,Professor/Teacher,Civic Activist

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