Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Update: Javid Fakhrian Sentenced

The record for Javid Fakhrian was updated.

Status: Sentenced
Prison: n/a
Member of the Islamic Student Association at Shahreh Kurd Azad University - Member of Neda party Arrested in June 2009 12 Feb 2011: Arrested further to summon and sent to Evin 22 Mar 2011: Released on bail 11 Sep 2011: Sentenced to 1 year http://t.co/vdueepE Member of Neda e Iranian 08 Dec 14: Arrested http://j.mp/1wbXKXr 13 Apr 15: Sentenced to 3 years in prison http://j.mp/1DbzYgz

Sentence: 1 year + 3 years

Location/Home Town: 
Faith or Ethnicity: 
Occupation or Activity: Student,Political activist,Student Activist

Iran Prisoner List: http://hyperactivist.info/ipr.html