Thursday, 2 April 2015

Update: Kamal Molaei Executed

The record for Kamal Molaei was updated.

Status: Executed
Prison: n/a
Sentenced to execution for being a Salafist 30 Sep 2013: Is on hunger strike in Ghezel Hesar 04 Nov 2013: Launches hunger strike 08 Nov 2013: Transferred to solitary 08 Jan 2014: Transferred to hospital 18 Jan 2014: Stop his hunger strike 22 Jan 2014: Transferred to an unknown location 11 Jun 2014: Begins a hunger strike 15 Jun 2014: Transferred to Ghezel Hesar 22 Jul 2014: Stops hunger strike and is relocated to Rejaei Shahr 04 Mar 15: Executed

Sentence: Execution

Location/Home Town: Sanandaj
Faith or Ethnicity: Kurd,Sunni Muslim
Occupation or Activity: Religious Activist

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