Saturday, 4 April 2015

Update: Mehdi Hashemi-Rafsanjani Sentenced

The record for Mehdi Hashemi-Rafsanjani was updated.

Status: Sentenced
Prison: n/a
Recent PhD Oriental Studies student at Wolfson College, Oxford in England. Son of former president Rafsanjani, brother of prisoner Faezeh, born 20 September 1969. Iran-Iraq War veteran, saw combat in 1986, injured 1987. Married to his cousin Fereshteh Hashemi Bahramani (daughter of late Ghasem Hashemi Bahramani); sons Foad and Yasin. aka Mehdi Hashemi Bahramani Rafsanjani July 2009: Briefly detained after protests 24 Nov 2010: Arrest warrant issued after he left the country 24 Sep 2012: Arrested on return to Iran after 3 years in the UK. 06 Oct 2012: Banned from any visit 05 Nov 2012: Transferred to hospital with "heart problems" where family were allowed to visit him 09 Dec 2012: Detention order extended for 2 other months 16 Dec 2012: Released from Evin 02 Aug 2014: 2nd trial ] 16 Mar 15: Sentenced to 15 years

Sentence: 15 years

Location/Home Town: Langrud
Faith or Ethnicity: Muslim
Occupation or Activity: Writer

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