Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Update: Mokhtar Zarei Released on Bail

The record for Mokhtar Zarei was updated.

Status: Released on Bail
Prison: n/a
Member of the United Kurd Front's central council 14 Jan 2010: Arrested at the memorial for Ebrahim Lotfollahi (a Kurdish law student who died in police custody) and sent to Intel. 06 Mar 2010: Transfer to Sanandaj prison 04 Apr 2010: Released on $100,000 bail after 80 days in prison, Source: 26 Dec 2010: Reported missing following protest at planned execution of Habibollah Latifi. 20 Sept 2011: Said to be sentenced to 6 months 02 Mar 2012: Sentenced to 1 year by Appeals 06 Feb 15: Summoned to Sanadaj court on Feb 14 15 Mar 15: Arrested 14 Apr 15: Released on bail

Sentence: 1 year

Location/Home Town: Sanandaj
Faith or Ethnicity: Kurd,Sunni Muslim
Occupation or Activity: Human Rights Activist,Student Activist

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