Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Update: Narges Mohammadi Arrested

The record for Narges Mohammadi was updated.

Status: Arrested
Prison: Evin
Deputy Director of Defenders of Human Rights Centre, Operations Manager of Iran Peace Council, former member of the Iran Alumni‪ ‬Association's Policy Council - winner of the Alexander Langer award in 2009 - Mother of 2 young children 11 Jun 2010: Arrested during raid at her house 01 Jul 2010: Released‪ on $50,000 bail after a severe deterioration of her ‬health‪.‬ Following her release‪,‬ she spent a month in hospital to undergo medical treatment‪. 11 Feb 2011: Hospitalised follow raid on home suffered a nervous breakdown and was taken to Tehran's Iranmehr hospital for medical attention 29 Jun 2011: Trial 27 Sep 2011: Sentenced to 11 years in prison 26 Oct 2011: Given Swedish HumanRights award 05 Mar 2012: Sentenced reduced to 6 years by Appeals 21 Apr 2012: Arrested and taken to Evin to serve sentence 26 Apr 2012: Transferred to Evin 209 14 May 2012: Transferred to Evin clinic 17 May 2012: Transferred to Zanjan prison 10 Jul 2012: Transferred to Vali Asr hospital in Zanjan in dire health, banned from visits 22 Jul 2012: Transferred back to prison, had a short call with her children 31 Jul 2012: Released from Evin prison on 600 million Toman bail 26 Dec 14: arrested for some hours on his way to Mostafa Karim-Beigi memorial 05 May 15: Arrested during her house's raid and sent to Evin

Sentence: 6 years

Location/Home Town: Tehran
Faith or Ethnicity: Muslim
Occupation or Activity: Journalist,Human Rights Activist

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