Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Update: Zia Nabavi (Seyyed) Released (Suspended Sentence)

The record for Zia Nabavi (Seyyed) was updated.

Status: Released (Suspended Sentence)
Prison: Semnan
Starred student - member of the Right to Education Council 15 Jun 2009: Arrested Accused of ties to banned political group MKO. Sentenced to 15 years prison in exile to Izeh + 74 lashes 29 May 2010: Sentence reduced on appeal to 10 years by Pirabassi and place of exile changed to Karoon prison, Ahvaz - advised family not to prepare bail since it will systematically be increased to prevent his release 01 Jul 2010: serious nervous breakdown and blood pressure fall - unable to speak for some hours 26 Jul 2010: Transferred to 240 solitary - begins hunger strike 10 Aug 2010: Ends hunger strike 24 Sep 2010: Exiled to Ahvaz http://www.rahana.org/en/?p=7188 and beaten upon arrival 3 Feb 2011: Banned from phone calls Moved to unknown location, missing for one month, finally located in Ahvaz Intelligence Ministry detention 12 Mar 2011: Returned to Karoun prison Ahvaz 05 May 2011: Transferred to Ordughah Klinik (new prison) 27 Jul 2011: Back to Karoun prison in a new ward 08 Mar 2013: Transferred to an unknown location http://www.rahesabz.net/story/67303/ 14 Mar 2013: Called his family he is in solitary fb.me/1gHnvugWb 04 Apr 2013: Back to general ward http://t.co/Il4BEr53g6 21 Oct 2013: Acquitted of new charges http://is.gd/vmbiYo 22 Jan 2014: Released on a 9 days furlough http://is.gd/NZi8L8 02 Feb 2014: Back to Karoun prison http://is.gd/3XEYwM 10 May 2014: Transferred to Semnan prison http://j.mp/SQaKlC 25 Aug 2014: Released on a 3 days furlough http://j.mp/1vMoA5X Assumed back to prison 11 May 15: on a 4 days furlough http://j.mp/1FfT9tP aka Zia (Ziaeddin) Nabavi; Seyyed Ziaoddin Nabavi; Seyyed Zia'eddin Nabavi

Sentence: 10 years

Location/Home Town: Tehran
Faith or Ethnicity: Muslim
Occupation or Activity: Student,Student Activist

Iran Prisoner List: http://hyperactivist.info/ipr.html